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Beautiful Tiled Roof Canopies & Guardian Warm Roofs

Our professional team of installers at MJU Multi-Trade specialises in installing warm roofs, tiled roof canopies, rooflines, guardian warm roofs, and fascia & soffit. With vast experience and an eye for detail, we are confident to deliver particular roofing requirements of our clients, resorting to highest joinery standards and skills. We possess essential expertise that is required to deliver a good quality and durable result to all our clients in the most cost-effective pricing.

From installing new roof tiles to fixing a small slate on the roof, no work is too small or too big for us. Our team is trained in carrying out the roofing projects, paying close attention to every detail and delivering best results expected by our clients.

Contemporary Porch Roof Canopy and Patio Roofs

A warm roof construction provides a breathable roof, preventing issues like damping and decaying. By overcoming technical challenges during the installation or fixing procedure, we make sure to provide an efficient and affordable roof option to the client. Whereas, tiled roof canopies protect the doorways of the property. We provide all shapes, designs, and sizes of roof canopy, porch roof canopy, and patio roofs to suit the customer’s specifications.

Additionally, we also mount rooflines and gutters including Fascia and Soffit that eliminates the hassle of regular maintenance. We offer a good range of guttering solutions that provides efficient drainage. Therefore, from warm roofing, canopies to rooflines and gutters, we carry our job expertly with the lasting durability of our services.

Reach out to us for a quick chat or a call so we can discuss your specific needs and requirements, and how we can help in enhancing the exterior of your home. You can call us through our number provided below or simply fill out our form by clicking the button and we’ll get back to you in no time.